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On January 21, 2012 from 9AM to 2PM, a breakthrough program that will forever change your life, is kicking off to the first 60 participants. You want to attend this awesome and exciting event at The Stock Pot Broiler in Portland, Oregon.

Learn the secret to unlocking the unlimited power within. Literally, mind over matter and space-time. What you will gain are helpful insights and solid, yet simple techniques that quicken desired results. We are limiting the number of seats available for this exclusive event because we believe it the best way to convey the secrets to health, wealth and happiness.  Jeffery Stevenson, Life Mastery Consultant, is sharing stories of his successes and those successes of people he has coached and consulted.

You Hold The Power Inside You!

We are all endowed with inalienable rights to imagine, dream,desire, praise and pray our own version of health, wealth and happiness. Knowing that you have the power to recreate the Universe from exactly where you stand is a gift of revelation in itself. How to transform this potential power into kinetic power in constant motion towards your dreams and desires is priceless! Jeffery Stevenson will work with you on unlocking this power and giving you the secret to maintaining its motion for optimal successful results.

Human Mind Unlimited Potential–Think Different!

The potential of the human mind is limited only by its capacity to expand to newer, higher levels of truths and understanding. You will learn how to grasp the new truths and let go of the old as you evolve into the new Powerful you.  You will evolve from the seeing is believing mindset into the believing is seeing as the greater truth in the realm of unlimited possibilities.

Jeffery Stevenson
Jeffery Clay Stevenson
Licensed & Certified

“This is a great opportunity for you to get started on You 3.0!” Jeffery Stevenson

Jeffery was one of the first Certified Landscape Professional in the State of Oregon. He helped pioneer the Landscaper Community in the Greater Portland Metropolitan area as a former Portland Chapter President of OLCA and remains active as Regional Director. Jeff knows the value of certifications, licensing and life-long learning, The learning is what Powers UP Jeff!

“I learned early on in my Landscape career that certifications are a necessity if you want to earn more.”

Come learn more with Jeff .

Dream On…and on…and on…

The venue is The Stock Pot Broiler on January 21, 2012 9AM-2PM. Registration starts at 8:45 and Empowerment, Challenge and Change begins promptly 9:30 am. POWER UP Coffee Beverage Table setup and Lunch are included in the $49.00 price of admission.

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Limited to the first 60 registrants. 
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